Right here, right new

FullSizeRender 8Today doesn’t have to be done the old way.

It’s a new day with new promise. You can have a fresh look at yourself. You can see the sun rise on a new world of opportunities.

You can look at the things you’ve looked at a thousand times before – and see them in a new way.

We get used to things. That’s just being human. But being truly human is to be awake to new sounds, new ways of seeing. New ways of seeing your job.  Your co-workers.  Your family members.

I’ve seen this jar a hundred times before. But today, with the new sun of a new day painting its sides, it strikes me that it’s a new day. To see things new. To appreciate and love the life we have been given.

We’ve only got so many of these sunrises. So many of these relationships and situations. Right here, right “new.”

By Bill Todd, APR, MBA, MA

Bill Todd, APR, is President and Partner at o2ideas, a creative public relations and advertising agency in Birmingham, Alabama. His career spans Business Management, Advertising, Public Relations, and Journalism. He has also served as a spokesman for one of the nation's largest telecommunications companies and as a TV news reporter in Birmingham. He has a B.A. in Communications from the University of Alabama, an M.A. in European History from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and an M.B.A. from Auburn University. He is also Accredited in Public Relations (APR). He has served as adjunct faculty in Advertising at Samford University.

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